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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Changes in The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Seventh Month of Pregnancy,What happens in Seventh Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in 7th Month

With the seventh month of pregnancy, begins the last trimester of your pregnancy. Like always, in this month too you will be curious to know what all changes does you and your baby undergoes. Read on to know how the seventh month of pregnancy changes you and your baby in growth.

Changes in the Mother

· In the seventh month of pregnancy, you might feel uncomfortable during bowel movements.

· In this phase of your pregnancy, you will also notice that the veins of your breasts will be more noticeable.

· There will be a good weight gain during this month of pregnancy, especially on your thighs, stomach and buttocks.

· Seventh month of pregnancy will make you bit clumsy and absent minded.

· This is the month when your stretch marks will be even more prominent.

· On the emotional front, a pregnant lady in the seventh month of pregnancy feels more anxious and apprehensive.

Changes in the Growing Baby

· In the seventh month of pregnancy, your baby in the womb will make more movements and have an increased body weight.

· This is the month, when your baby will develop taste buds on the tongue.

· This is not all, in the seventh month of pregnancy; your baby will fully develop his or her eyes, cheeks, nostrils and can perceive light and smell.

· In the seventh month of pregnancy, baby develops tiny air sacs in the lungs and starts primitive breathing movements.

· During this month of pregnancy, you will also be able to see the actual shape of the baby’s foot and bottom in the ultrasound.

Is It Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?

Exercises During Pregnancy, Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy,Pregnancy Exercising Tips,How to do Exercises During Pregnancy

Doctors these days suggest exercising to pregnant women for a healthy and safe delivery. Once, you get the green signal from your doctor, you can start exercises during pregnancy on a regular basis. Check out some exercising tips during pregnancy in this article.

· First of all, do check with your doctor whether you can start doing exercises during pregnancy or not.

· The best exercises during pregnancy are the ones in which you don’t have to bear a lot of weight.

· Pregnant ladies can easily indulge in swimming and stationary cycling exercises during pregnancy.

· Regular walking and low impact aerobics are also good in pregnancy and increases chances of normal delivery.

· Try to avoid doing those exercises that might make you fall or breathless in pregnancy.

· Stop the exercise, the moment you start feeling uncomfortable in pregnancy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Benefits of Condoms in Birth Control

Uses of Condomes,How to Use Condom,Benefits of Condoms in Birth Control,Why to Use Condoms,Advantages of Using Condoms

Often after observing the various ads promoting the use of condoms, you might have wondered after all, why to use condoms. Well, to clarify your this query, we are sharing you some benefits of condoms in birth control in this article.

· The first benefit of using condom in birth control is that it helps preventing STDs, HIV and AIDS apart from preventing pregnancy.

· Using condoms is a safe birth control way as compared to other birth control ways.

· Use condoms to prevent premature ejaculation thereby help the man to last longer during sexual intercourse.

· Another advantage of using condom is that it helps prevent STD infection during pregnancy.

· Condom is one of the most popular birth control method that can be used without any doctor’s advice and by men of all ages.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Truth Behind Pregnancy Myths

What Not To Do In Pregnancy,Having Sex in Pregnancy is Safe,The Truth Behind Pregnancy Myths,Morning Sickness in Pregnancy,Using Gadgets in Pregnancy

With pregnancy a pregnant lady is flooded with a number of suggestions and tips. People come and tell what to do and what not to do in pregnancy. Read on to know about the truth behind some common pregnancy myths.

· Doing Sex Will Hurt Your Baby: This is the most common myth about pregnancy. People think that if they will have sex in pregnancy, it will hurt their baby. Remember, only people with a history of pre-term labor or miscarriage are advised to avoid intercourse during pregnancy. One can indulge in sex in a low risk pregnancy. To rest all doubts, take your doctor’s permission for this.

· Morning Sickness means Baby is lacking Nutrition: Pregnant ladies often believe that their morning sickness means their baby is lacking nutrition. You need not worry if you feel irritated with some smells, sights or foods. This is very common in pregnancy and don’t worry if you don’t gain weight in first few months of pregnancy.

· Minimize the Use of Cell Phones, Computers & Microwaves: National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health has declared that using computers is completely safe during pregnancy. Even microwaves and cell phones are safe to be used during pregnancy. However, to be at a safer side, try to limit the usage of microwaves and cell phones during pregnancy.

· Drinking Coffee during Pregnancy: Many old ladies advise pregnant ladies to avoid drink coffee during pregnancy. Remember that drinking coffee in small amounts doesn’t harm a baby in the womb. However, don’t drink more than three cups a day for a safer pregnancy.

· Flying in Pregnancy: Yes, doctors advise not to fly during pregnancy but remember that flying once a while during pregnancy when your delivery date is six weeks away is completely safe. However, avoid the frequency of flying as then you will receive high doses of radiation in-flight that is not good in pregnancy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Not To Do In Front Of Kids

Parenting Tips,What to Avoid In Front of Children,What not to show to children,Tips for Parenting

Often, parents don’t really care what not to do in front of kids. However, it is very important to keep a check on your activities if you want to make your kids disciplined. You should know what not to do in front of kids and to know about this, you can read this article.

· Fighting or Arguing: Avoid fighting or arguing in front of kids, as this will encourage them to fight with others. Remember, children usually try to mimic their parents, be it fighting.

· Getting Cozy: No matter how much you love each other, but avoid getting too cozy in front of your kids. Try to restrict your romantic acts in your bedroom. Kids are innocent and showing intimacy in front of them might divert their mind in the wrong direction.

· Watching Adult Movies: Don’t ever watch adult movies full of nudity or violence in front of your children. Childhood is an age, where children grasp things very quickly and any wrong scenes can spoil their mind or make them grow up before time.

· Cursing: Make sure to avoid cursing anyone in front of kids or swearing for anything. Kids will take no time in copying you when they will find themselves in trouble in the same way.

· Smoking & Drinking: At all cost, avoid smoking and drinking in front of your small children. These habits make the children think that if their parents are doing so, why can’t they.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Changes in The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Sixth Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s Sixth Month,What happens in Sixth Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in Sixth Month

You have already completed more than half of your pregnant journey, now comes the sixth month. Read to know what all changes you will face in this month and how your baby will grow within you in the sixth month of pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother

· By the beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy, you will start feeling the foetal activity and kicking of the baby more often.

· You may also suffer from leg cramps, mild edema and varicose veins, but worry not, as all these can be treated by pregnancy exercises.

· Due to the enlargement of your abdomen, you may feel itching on your abdomen.

· In the sixth month, your belly button might also pop out but it will be go back after delivery.

· In this month of pregnancy, pregnant ladies also tend to sweat a lot.

· There will be chances of the appearance of stretch marks on breasts, upper thighs, abdomen and on the areas where fats are stored.

· This is the month, when even a child will get to notice that you are pregnant.

· Beware to balance yourself, as your centre of gravity will start changing by this month.

Changes in the Growing Baby

· In the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby can easily open and close eyes and eyelids.

· Moreover, the baby can hear sounds inside you and might also react to certain noises.

· You will get to feel the baby’s coughing and hiccups.

· In this month, baby will indulge in vigorous activities like kicking, punching and moving.

· Baby in the sixth month of pregnancy are red and wrinkled.

· In this month, the baby’s sweat glands are forming.

· The baby in this month will look lean in ultrasounds, as their still no accumulation of fat.

· With this month, the baby will start to have feelings like a human being.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Changes in The Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Fifth Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s Fifth Month,What happens in Fifth Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in Fifth Month

With the starting of the fifth month, you have almost come across half of your sweet journey, called, Pregnancy. Reading this article, you will come across how you and your growing baby will develop in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother
· Don’t worry if you feel breathless in this month. This will happen because your uterus is under heavy pressure due to enlargement.

· In the fifth month of pregnancy, your varicose veins will be seen and there will be a mild edema.

· Your weight will increase tremendously and due to this you will feel leg cramps.

· In this month, pregnant ladies also tend to feel an increase in their appetite.

· There are also chances of pain in the lower abdomen due to the stretching ligaments.

· In the fifth month of pregnancy, pregnant ladies can notice prominent skin pigmentations.

· There are chances of suffering from the problem of bleeding gums and brittle nails.

· This is the month, when you will for the first time feel the first movements of your baby.

· There will be radiant glow on your face in this month of your pregnancy.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· In the fifth month of pregnancy, your baby will be more active and will sleep and wake at regular intervals.

· This will be the time when the hair on the baby’s head will appear. Not only this, the baby’s arms and legs are well developed.

· The baby also has his or her own fingerprints and footprints by this month.

· In this month, the baby will have a white cheesy coating called vernix to protect the baby skin from the amniotic fluid.

· The baby in this month will have firm hand grip and can also move gently in your uterus and might also kick you.

· From now on, the baby will continue to grow and refine his or her features.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dad’s Role During Pregnancy

Dad’s Role During Pregnancy,What to do in Pregnancy,How to deal with your pregnant wife,Father’s responsibilities during Pregnancy,Man’s Role in Pregnancy

Why is it that only women are given more attention during pregnancy? A dad’s role is also not negligible during this wonderful journey called, pregnancy. Being the father of an unborn baby, a man has a lot of responsibility. Read on to know about a dad’s role during pregnancy.

· Take her to pregnancy exercises classes and support her all through.
· Try to take out as much information as you can on pregnancy and help her read that too.
· Be patient and be ready to face her mood swings, as she is bound to have mood swings during pregnancy.
· Be tolerant and calm her anxieties during pregnancy by talking to her and read her some pregnancy related books.
· Make sure to accompany your wife to the doctor for the routine check ups ad ultrasounds to see your unborn baby.
· You can have sex during pregnancy but make sure to take your wife’s doctor’s advice first.
· Be relaxed and don’t be too anxious of her and your baby’s health.
· Try to reassure yourself and your wife that you are with her all through her pregnancy and even after that.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Not To Eat During Pregnancy,Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy,Diet Tips in Pregnancy,Food Habits in Pregnancy,Eating During Pregnancy

So you are finally out with the much awaited good news? Well, you will surely get a lot of advices on what all to eat during pregnancy, but if you are thinking what not to eat, then worry not! We, are here to enlighten you with what not to eat during pregnancy.

· Alcohol: Alcohol is a strict no for pregnant ladies. Alcohol can cause a lot of harm to the unborn baby if a pregnant lady drinks it. The baby may develop certain disabilities and deformed organs.

· Caffeine: Pregnant ladies should also avoid taking caffeine, as it can cause the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. Avoid drinking beverages with caffeine, like coffee.

· Soft Cheese: Soft cheese like Feta, Queso Fresco, Brie and Gorgonzola are also to be avoided during pregnancy, else the baby might get infected with blood poisoning.

· Smoked Seafood: Another food to avoid in pregnancy is smoked seafood. Smoked seafood contains a harmful bacteria, called, Listeria which is not good for the pregnancy ladies and their unborn babies.

· Raw Eggs: Raw eggs are also avoided in pregnancy because they contain Salmonella, a bacteria that causes food borne illness.

· Fish with Mercury: Pregnant women ought to avoid fish with mercury at any cost, else the chances of miscarriage are high. The baby might also grow with a damaged brain due to the mercury content in the fish.

· Unwashed Vegetables: Make sure to wash the vegetables before cooking and eating during pregnancy. Unwashed vegetables might contain pesticides that are used during harvesting.

· Unpasteurized Milk: Last but not the least, avoid drinking unpasteurized milk during the beautiful journey called, pregnancy. Unpasteurized milk contains Listeria, a bacteria that can cause miscarriage.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do’s & Don’ts of Using Condoms

How to Use Condoms,Using Condoms,Do’s and Don’ts of Using Condoms,Tips to Use A Condom,Effective Birth Control Methods

You must have heard about condoms and their effectiveness is controlling unwanted pregnancy. However, if you are still not sure of how to use a condom, then relax, we are here to help you. Read on to know about the Do’s and Don’ts of Using Condoms.

Do’s of Using A Condom:
· Use only latex or plastic condoms.
· Make sure to squeeze the air out of the tip of the condom before rolling it over the erect penis.
· While using latex condoms, use plenty of water-based lubricant like KY Jelly in order to reduce friction and tearing of the condom.
· Use a condom only when the penis is erect before contacting with your partner’s genitals.
· Hold the condom from the base of the penis to withdraw it after sex.
· Do throw away the used condom and don’t use it again.

Don’ts of Using A Condom:
· Don’t use any old or expired condoms and for this make sure to check the expiry date of your condom.
· Don’t ever leave condoms at hot places like in car or your wallet, as they will be spoiled.
· Don’t use fingernails or teeth to open a condom, else the condom will be torn.
· Don’t unroll the condom before putting it on the erect penis.
· Don’t ever reuse a condom, make sure to use a fresh condom every time.
· Don’t use oil based products like cooking oils or lotions as lubricants with latex condoms, as they will weaken the condom.
· Don’t use lubricants with spermicide regularly as they might cause skin irritation to your or your partner’s genitals.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Changes in The Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Fourth Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s Fourth Month,What happens in Fourth Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in Fourth Month

The first trimester of your pregnancy is over and it’s the beginning of the second trimester. Here comes, the fourth month of your pregnancy. If you are curious enough to know what all you and your growing baby will feel in this month, read on.

Changes in the Mother
· With the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, a woman will start appearing to be pregnant with the bulging abdomen.

· This month, the areola will darken and enlarge. Moreover, the linea nigra will appear, which will fade after the birth of your child.

· By the fourth month, your vomiting and nausea feeling will end.

· Your breasts will continue to enlarge and will be less tender now.

· In the fourth month of pregnancy, you might face occasional headaches and nosebleeds due to body adjustments to increased blood volume.

· By this time, the need to urinate frequently will decrease and you will feel pleasure and excitement of pregnancy.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· In the fourth month of pregnancy, your baby’s eyebrows, hair, eyelashes, fingernails and toenails are forming.

· By this time of your pregnancy, the baby has developed his or her taste buds, vocal cords and he or she can even suck the thumb.

· As you enter the fourth month of your pregnancy, your baby’s all major organs start functioning.

· The baby now has a neck and his or her heartbeat is strong that you can even hear it using a Doppler.

· The baby in the fourth month can smile and frown.

· In this month, the baby has fine downy hair on her face and body.

· Baby’s skin is thin and transparent and the blood vessels can be seen underneath.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Changes in The Third Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The First Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s First Month,What happens in First Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in First Month

The first trimester of your pregnancy is about to over with the beginning of the third month. This is the time, when you and your baby will experience many changes. Read on to know how this period of pregnancy will turn out for you.

Changes in the Mother
· The first change you might feel in the third month is the need to urinate more frequently due to the enlargement in your uterus.

· Another thing that might trouble you is constipation due to slow bowel movements.

· This is the month when the bluish lines under the skin of your breasts will expand.

· In the third month of pregnancy, sweat glands in the areola will be more prominent just like large goose bumps.

· Moreover, the additional veins around the abdomen and legs will be more visible due to the increase in blood supply to these areas.

· There will be a significant increase in your appetite in this month of your pregnancy.

· On the emotional front, you will feel be very sensitive and will get upset very easily.

· This is the month when you will get the best gift of pregnancy- a facial growth.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· Your baby grows with you in your third month of pregnancy. It grows from an embryo to a foetus.

· In this month, the eyelids, fingers, finger buds and toe buds of the baby will be formed.

· The baby also develops his or her teeth and lips.

· The baby begins to develop his or her reproductive organs, umbilical cord and placenta in the third month of pregnancy.

· This is the month, when your baby starts kicking inside the womb but you might not feel it yet.

· In the third month, the baby also opens and closes her mouth to suck and swallow the fluid around.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Changes in The Second Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Second Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s Second Month,Baby’s Growth in Second Month of Pregnancy,Tips for First Trimester of Pregnancy

They say that the future destiny of a child is always the work of a mother. This is true and the second month of pregnancy in a mother to-be proves it. This crucial month of pregnancy is the time for the baby to form all the major parts of the body. The pregnant lady too feels a lot of changes in her body and moods.

Changes in the Mother
· Mothers to-be in their second month of pregnancy might feel indigestion, heartburn and bloating.

· Pregnancy ladies in their second month of pregnancy might also crave for certain food types at any time of the day or night.

· Some odors and smells might become intolerable for the pregnant ladies in this month of their pregnancy.

· There are also chances of some occasional headaches and dizziness during this month due to hormonal changes.

· In the second month of pregnancy, mothers to-be might also feel having fuller and heavier breasts and their areola will darken with some blue lines.

· Pregnant ladies in the second month of pregnancy might also have an increased vaginal discharge and emotional mood swings.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· During this month of pregnancy, your unborn baby will begin to have more defined facial features.

· The baby will start forming the internal organs like lungs, heart, liver and kidneys.

· Even a primitive spinal cord will begin to form along with the nervous system in the baby.

· Baby’s digestive system, pancreas, intestines and gallbladder will also begin to grow in this crucial month of the first trimester of pregnancy.

· The baby’s arms and legs will be visible but fingers are yet to be formed.

· The amniotic sac or the water bag that will keep the baby safe inside the womb will also be visible.

· Baby’s first bone cells will also be visible and will become hard.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Changes in The First Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The First Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s First Month,What happens in First Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in First Month

Whether you believe it or not, God could not be everywhere, so He made mothers. The first month of Pregnancy is like the beginning of a new journey. Read on to know, what changes you as a mother will go and what changes will your growing baby undergo.

Changes in the Mother
· The first change in the pregnancy lady in the first month of pregnancy would be a missed period.

· You may also feel sleepy and fatigued.

· Apart from it, pregnant ladies in their first month might feel the need to urinate frequently.

· Morning sickness, also known as nausea or vomiting are the other symptoms that will be seen in the pregnant ladies in the first month.

· Breasts might begin to enlarge and will be very sensitive to touch.

· Mothers to-be in their first month of pregnancy will also undergo some emotional changes and might feel irritable in a minute and elated in the other minute.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· With your growth as a mother, one of your eggs have fertilized with one of the sperms and created an ovum in the uterus.

· As the first month will end, this ovum will form into an embryo from a single cell.

· Your baby already has a head and a body in the first month of pregnancy.

· The formation of the baby’s brain, eyes, inner ears, mouth, digestive system, arms and legs will start developing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula prevents Stretch Marks

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You are happy for getting pregnant but if side by side the fear of getting ugly looking stretch marks is bothering you, then you have come to the right place. Getting stretch marks in pregnancy is a common thing but there is nothing to worry about it. The new Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is there to help you prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

It’s natural to have stretch marks in pregnancy due to the expansion of the tummy. However, if proper measures and products are taken, stretch marks can be prevented even in pregnancy. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is one such product that helps preventing these marks.

Made of a special combination of cocoa butter, collagen, vitamin E, shea butter and elastin, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is an effective and harmless product that helps prevent pregnancy stretch marks. This formula first soothes and then moisturizes the itchy and dry skin in pregnancy, thereby helps in removing stretch marks.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is available in a convenient small tube that can be easily carried anywhere in a purse. Its 30g tube is priced at $1.00.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What are the Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy,Conceiving Twins,Signs of Twin Pregnancy,How to get Twins,What are the Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy,Is Twin Pregnancy Safe?

It is a common belief that if in a family there are twins then the next generation might also be of twins. However, this is not true in all cases. Many parents desire to get twins but there is not a sure shot way to get conceived with twins. So, what if we can’t predict the ways of getting twins, we are here to tell you about the symptoms of a twin pregnancy.

· Pregnant ladies can have a feeling of carrying two babies and this is the first symptom of a twin pregnancy.

· In many cases the pregnant lady might feel both morning sickness and nausea, this is also an indication of being pregnant with twins.

· Having a rapid weight gain in the very first trimester is yet another symptom of twin pregnancy.

· Elevated levels of alpha fetoprotein is another indication that you are pregnant with twins.

· Hearing two fetal heartbeats can also be considered as a symptom of a twin pregnancy.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ways to Check Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Symptoms,How to Find That You Are Pregnant,First Pregnancy Symptoms,Ways to Check Pregnancy,How to Confirm Pregnancy

It has been observed that women often experience some pregnancy symptoms and many times they are wrong and some times they are right. Worry not, checking and confirming pregnancy is not that tough, you can easily confirm it by observing some early pregnancy symptoms.

· Missed Period: This is the most common symptom of detecting pregnancy. When a married woman misses her period, chances are that she has conceived. However, sometimes, periods can be missed due to extreme stress and weight fluctuation too.

· Tender Breasts: If women observe their breasts getting tender, then chances are that they are pregnant. Tenderness in breasts is considered as one of early pregnancy symptoms, as this part of the body is very sensitive to hormonal changes.

· Nausea: Another common pregnancy symptom is the feeling of nausea in women. During the early months of pregnancy, women can experience morning sickness, which is also called nausea. If this happens often then that can hint to pregnancy.

· Frequent Urination: Frequent urination is also a common pregnancy symptom found in women. Due to the expansion of the uterus, women get pressure on the bladder resulting in frequent urination, which hints towards pregnancy.

· Change in Taste & Smell: During early pregnancy days, women may also notice a change in taste and smell. Pregnant ladies are often unable to bear some smells and tastes, so if this is happening to you, then you might consider yourself as pregnant.

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips,Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women,Ways to Get a Healthy Skin during Pregnancy,Curing Skin Problems during Pregnancy,Pregnancy Care Tips, Pregnancy Tips

It is common for mothers to-be to notice various skin changes during pregnancy. These changes may vary on person to person and there is nothing to worry about them. The most common reason for such skin changes during pregnancy is that the skin undergoes many hormonal changes during those nine months. Learn about some useful pregnancy skin care tips.

· Acne: Acne is one of the most common pregnancy problems especially during the first three months. This is because the skin dries out more during pregnancy. One of the best remedies to cure acne during pregnancy is to drink a lot of water and to eat fresh fruits and green vegetables.

· Dry Itchy Abdomen: Another common skin problem faced by pregnant women is the dry itchy abdomen. Since the belly of the pregnant woman grows, it tightens resulting in itching. A good cure for this is to avoid hot showers and dry soaps. Using olive oil and Vitamin-E enriched moisturizers is also good for this problem.

· Spider Veins: Pregnant ladies often also suffer from red or purple sunbursts similar to a shape of a spider web. Increasing the intake of Vitamin C is a good cure for this skin problem during pregnancy.

· Itchy Palms: In the list of skin problems during pregnancy comes the problem of itchy or red palms. This happens due to increased estrogen level in pregnant ladies. To cure this skin problem, pregnant women can do nothing except using good skin creams. This problem fades away on its own after delivery.

· Skin Tags: In some pregnant women, skin tags also appear on the skin areas where there is a direct contact with the clothing, like arms, breasts and neck folds. To cure it, you need to wear loose clothes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tips To Avoid Pregnancy Miscarriage

Tips To Avoid Pregnancy Miscarriage, How to Avoid Miscarriage,Ways of Preventing Miscarriage,Pregnancy after Miscarriage,Dealing with Pregnancy Complications

Many mothers to be are afraid of the one word, called “miscarriage”. Well, there is nothing to worry, if they know how to avoid pregnancy miscarriage, rest is all in the hands of God. There are many things a pregnant woman should take care of in order to avoid miscarriage, read on to see the list of such tips.

· Backaches: Backaches, even if mild should be taken seriously during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies should consult their doctor in case of any backache or menstrual cramp sort of aches.

· Smoking & Drinking: There should be a complete no to smoking and drinking during pregnancy, as these habits are very dangerous for the unborn baby in the womb.

· Bleeding: Pregnant ladies should immediately contact their doctor in case of any bleeding from the vagina during those 9 months. Some spotting during first initial pregnancy months is normal but bleeding later on can mean miscarriage.

· Medication: Pregnant ladies with chronic diseases like diabetes and thyroid should try to control these diseases with diet instead of taking medicines during pregnancy, else taking medicines during pregnancy can result in miscarriage.

· Rest: Try to take adequate rest during your pregnancy. At least, take eight hours sleep each night and if possible, a short nap in the noon during your pregnancy in order to avoid miscarriage.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Essential Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts,Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant Woman,Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy,Pregnancy Precautions,Pregnancy Do’s,Pregnancy Don’ts

The moment you get pregnant, you are bound to get endless number of advices from everyone regarding what to do and what not do during pregnancy. Many of such advices are funny and many are useful. Perhaps, that’s why we thought to present you with a list of pregnancy do’s and don’ts.

Pregnancy Do’s
· First essential do in pregnancy is to take good amount of folic acid and iron, especially in the first trimester.
· Make sure to get your prenatal check-ups regularly.
· Taking enough rest and staying away from stress is also important during pregnancy.
· Another important do during pregnancy is to eat a lot of fiber rich food, green vegetables and fruits.
· Indulge in physical activities like walking.
· Drink a lot of water and try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking different types of healthy fluids.
· Take yogurt, low fat milk and other calcium rich foods.

Pregnancy Don’ts
· The first don’t in pregnancy is to not eat uncooked meals.
· Avoid drinking caffeine beverages like tea, colas and coffees.
· Don’t take any medication without consulting the doctor in pregnancy.
· Pregnant ladies should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
· Another major don’t during pregnancy is to avoid high fats and sugars.
· High temperatures should also be avoided during pregnancy.
· Pregnant ladies must also avoid paints and pesticides.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is It Safe To Do Sex During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Do Sex During Pregnancy,Sex during Pregnancy,Ways of having Sex during Pregnancy,Precautions for Sex during Pregnancy,Is it safe to make love during Pregnancy,Pregnancy Precaution Questions

So, you have the good news to share with everyone? Excited? Well, you have the reason to be and in this excitement if you are thinking whether it is safe to do sex during pregnancy, then read on to solve your queries. Many couples believe that having sex is not safe during pregnancy, but this is not the truth. You just need to keep some important factors in mind and you can enjoy your sexual life even during pregnancy.

· Bleeding: Indulging in sex is alright during pregnancy if the mother to be is not bleeding. The moment, bleeding starts during intercourse, then it should be stopped. After this, you need to consult your doctor to know about the period for which you need to stop having sex during pregnancy.

· Changing the Position: Another tip for having sex during pregnancy is to change the position keeping in mind the comfort level of the woman. Try to indulge in sexual activity in a way that the woman can control the movement and the penetration with ease.

· Lying side by side: Safe sex can be enjoyed during pregnancy by lying side by side with your partner. Though a tricky position, this is the safest way to allow space to the partner for penetration without hurting the mother to be.

· Sexually Transmitted Disease: Every care should be taken in order to avoid the transfer of sexually transmitted disease to the mother. Using a condom is a must during sex when you are pregnant.

· Avoid Water & Air: While you enjoy intercourse with your pregnancy partner, make sure to avoid the contact of water or air inside the vagina for safety of the mother and the child.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 Tips For Conceiving

5 Tips for conceiving, Conceiving a baby,How to conceive a baby,Ways of conceiving a baby quickly,Pregnancy tips,How to get pregnant,Baby Conceiving Ideas

Gone are the days when married couples worried on the issue of fertility, thanks to science for bringing in various technologies. If you too want to extend your family by being three from two quickly, then read on to know about 5 tips for conceiving.

· Pre-Seed: Use pre-seed, the best sperm friendly lubricant that helps providing a natural moisturized environment for the sperms to travel.

· Progesterone Cream: Another tip for conceiving fast is to use progesterone cream that helps increasing the body temperature to make the sperms friendly for implantation of a fertilized egg.

· Fertell: This one is a fertility kit that helps finding the fertility of men and women in their private room. Most of the times, these kits are accurate in detecting the fertility of men and women.

· Reduce Stress: One of the most successful tips for conceiving a baby fast is to reduce the stress level at home. High stress often delays the conceiving procedure in women.

· Sexual Tip: Make your sex life interesting and passionate by trying new sexual positions in order to conceive fast. Whether you believe it or not, passion in the sexual life helps in faster conceiving.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Discovering that you are Pregnant

Congrats for discovering that you are pregnant. Well, the journey for a new birth has just begun and you are excited. However, with this excitement, you are worried on how to take care of all pregnancy related issues.
Worry not, this is the time that every mother to-be wants to cherish and we are here to help you out by giving information on all pregnancy cures.

From pregnancy tests to pregnancy symptoms, from pregnancy precautions to pregnancy calculation, from pregnancy complications to pregnancy risks, we are here to guide you with it all during this beautiful journey of nine months, called pregnancy.

Not just pregnancy, we will guide you with all sorts of baby care tips as well as with post pregnancy care tips. So, stay tuned to know the best information that you may use during this enchanting experience.