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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dad’s Role During Pregnancy

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Why is it that only women are given more attention during pregnancy? A dad’s role is also not negligible during this wonderful journey called, pregnancy. Being the father of an unborn baby, a man has a lot of responsibility. Read on to know about a dad’s role during pregnancy.

· Take her to pregnancy exercises classes and support her all through.
· Try to take out as much information as you can on pregnancy and help her read that too.
· Be patient and be ready to face her mood swings, as she is bound to have mood swings during pregnancy.
· Be tolerant and calm her anxieties during pregnancy by talking to her and read her some pregnancy related books.
· Make sure to accompany your wife to the doctor for the routine check ups ad ultrasounds to see your unborn baby.
· You can have sex during pregnancy but make sure to take your wife’s doctor’s advice first.
· Be relaxed and don’t be too anxious of her and your baby’s health.
· Try to reassure yourself and your wife that you are with her all through her pregnancy and even after that.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Not To Eat During Pregnancy,Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy,Diet Tips in Pregnancy,Food Habits in Pregnancy,Eating During Pregnancy

So you are finally out with the much awaited good news? Well, you will surely get a lot of advices on what all to eat during pregnancy, but if you are thinking what not to eat, then worry not! We, are here to enlighten you with what not to eat during pregnancy.

· Alcohol: Alcohol is a strict no for pregnant ladies. Alcohol can cause a lot of harm to the unborn baby if a pregnant lady drinks it. The baby may develop certain disabilities and deformed organs.

· Caffeine: Pregnant ladies should also avoid taking caffeine, as it can cause the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. Avoid drinking beverages with caffeine, like coffee.

· Soft Cheese: Soft cheese like Feta, Queso Fresco, Brie and Gorgonzola are also to be avoided during pregnancy, else the baby might get infected with blood poisoning.

· Smoked Seafood: Another food to avoid in pregnancy is smoked seafood. Smoked seafood contains a harmful bacteria, called, Listeria which is not good for the pregnancy ladies and their unborn babies.

· Raw Eggs: Raw eggs are also avoided in pregnancy because they contain Salmonella, a bacteria that causes food borne illness.

· Fish with Mercury: Pregnant women ought to avoid fish with mercury at any cost, else the chances of miscarriage are high. The baby might also grow with a damaged brain due to the mercury content in the fish.

· Unwashed Vegetables: Make sure to wash the vegetables before cooking and eating during pregnancy. Unwashed vegetables might contain pesticides that are used during harvesting.

· Unpasteurized Milk: Last but not the least, avoid drinking unpasteurized milk during the beautiful journey called, pregnancy. Unpasteurized milk contains Listeria, a bacteria that can cause miscarriage.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do’s & Don’ts of Using Condoms

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You must have heard about condoms and their effectiveness is controlling unwanted pregnancy. However, if you are still not sure of how to use a condom, then relax, we are here to help you. Read on to know about the Do’s and Don’ts of Using Condoms.

Do’s of Using A Condom:
· Use only latex or plastic condoms.
· Make sure to squeeze the air out of the tip of the condom before rolling it over the erect penis.
· While using latex condoms, use plenty of water-based lubricant like KY Jelly in order to reduce friction and tearing of the condom.
· Use a condom only when the penis is erect before contacting with your partner’s genitals.
· Hold the condom from the base of the penis to withdraw it after sex.
· Do throw away the used condom and don’t use it again.

Don’ts of Using A Condom:
· Don’t use any old or expired condoms and for this make sure to check the expiry date of your condom.
· Don’t ever leave condoms at hot places like in car or your wallet, as they will be spoiled.
· Don’t use fingernails or teeth to open a condom, else the condom will be torn.
· Don’t unroll the condom before putting it on the erect penis.
· Don’t ever reuse a condom, make sure to use a fresh condom every time.
· Don’t use oil based products like cooking oils or lotions as lubricants with latex condoms, as they will weaken the condom.
· Don’t use lubricants with spermicide regularly as they might cause skin irritation to your or your partner’s genitals.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Changes in The Fourth Month of Pregnancy

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The first trimester of your pregnancy is over and it’s the beginning of the second trimester. Here comes, the fourth month of your pregnancy. If you are curious enough to know what all you and your growing baby will feel in this month, read on.

Changes in the Mother
· With the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, a woman will start appearing to be pregnant with the bulging abdomen.

· This month, the areola will darken and enlarge. Moreover, the linea nigra will appear, which will fade after the birth of your child.

· By the fourth month, your vomiting and nausea feeling will end.

· Your breasts will continue to enlarge and will be less tender now.

· In the fourth month of pregnancy, you might face occasional headaches and nosebleeds due to body adjustments to increased blood volume.

· By this time, the need to urinate frequently will decrease and you will feel pleasure and excitement of pregnancy.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· In the fourth month of pregnancy, your baby’s eyebrows, hair, eyelashes, fingernails and toenails are forming.

· By this time of your pregnancy, the baby has developed his or her taste buds, vocal cords and he or she can even suck the thumb.

· As you enter the fourth month of your pregnancy, your baby’s all major organs start functioning.

· The baby now has a neck and his or her heartbeat is strong that you can even hear it using a Doppler.

· The baby in the fourth month can smile and frown.

· In this month, the baby has fine downy hair on her face and body.

· Baby’s skin is thin and transparent and the blood vessels can be seen underneath.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Changes in The Third Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The First Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s First Month,What happens in First Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in First Month

The first trimester of your pregnancy is about to over with the beginning of the third month. This is the time, when you and your baby will experience many changes. Read on to know how this period of pregnancy will turn out for you.

Changes in the Mother
· The first change you might feel in the third month is the need to urinate more frequently due to the enlargement in your uterus.

· Another thing that might trouble you is constipation due to slow bowel movements.

· This is the month when the bluish lines under the skin of your breasts will expand.

· In the third month of pregnancy, sweat glands in the areola will be more prominent just like large goose bumps.

· Moreover, the additional veins around the abdomen and legs will be more visible due to the increase in blood supply to these areas.

· There will be a significant increase in your appetite in this month of your pregnancy.

· On the emotional front, you will feel be very sensitive and will get upset very easily.

· This is the month when you will get the best gift of pregnancy- a facial growth.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· Your baby grows with you in your third month of pregnancy. It grows from an embryo to a foetus.

· In this month, the eyelids, fingers, finger buds and toe buds of the baby will be formed.

· The baby also develops his or her teeth and lips.

· The baby begins to develop his or her reproductive organs, umbilical cord and placenta in the third month of pregnancy.

· This is the month, when your baby starts kicking inside the womb but you might not feel it yet.

· In the third month, the baby also opens and closes her mouth to suck and swallow the fluid around.