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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dad’s Role During Pregnancy

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Why is it that only women are given more attention during pregnancy? A dad’s role is also not negligible during this wonderful journey called, pregnancy. Being the father of an unborn baby, a man has a lot of responsibility. Read on to know about a dad’s role during pregnancy.

· Take her to pregnancy exercises classes and support her all through.
· Try to take out as much information as you can on pregnancy and help her read that too.
· Be patient and be ready to face her mood swings, as she is bound to have mood swings during pregnancy.
· Be tolerant and calm her anxieties during pregnancy by talking to her and read her some pregnancy related books.
· Make sure to accompany your wife to the doctor for the routine check ups ad ultrasounds to see your unborn baby.
· You can have sex during pregnancy but make sure to take your wife’s doctor’s advice first.
· Be relaxed and don’t be too anxious of her and your baby’s health.
· Try to reassure yourself and your wife that you are with her all through her pregnancy and even after that.

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