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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Changes in The Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Fifth Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s Fifth Month,What happens in Fifth Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in Fifth Month

With the starting of the fifth month, you have almost come across half of your sweet journey, called, Pregnancy. Reading this article, you will come across how you and your growing baby will develop in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother
· Don’t worry if you feel breathless in this month. This will happen because your uterus is under heavy pressure due to enlargement.

· In the fifth month of pregnancy, your varicose veins will be seen and there will be a mild edema.

· Your weight will increase tremendously and due to this you will feel leg cramps.

· In this month, pregnant ladies also tend to feel an increase in their appetite.

· There are also chances of pain in the lower abdomen due to the stretching ligaments.

· In the fifth month of pregnancy, pregnant ladies can notice prominent skin pigmentations.

· There are chances of suffering from the problem of bleeding gums and brittle nails.

· This is the month, when you will for the first time feel the first movements of your baby.

· There will be radiant glow on your face in this month of your pregnancy.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· In the fifth month of pregnancy, your baby will be more active and will sleep and wake at regular intervals.

· This will be the time when the hair on the baby’s head will appear. Not only this, the baby’s arms and legs are well developed.

· The baby also has his or her own fingerprints and footprints by this month.

· In this month, the baby will have a white cheesy coating called vernix to protect the baby skin from the amniotic fluid.

· The baby in this month will have firm hand grip and can also move gently in your uterus and might also kick you.

· From now on, the baby will continue to grow and refine his or her features.

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