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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Benefits of Condoms in Birth Control

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Often after observing the various ads promoting the use of condoms, you might have wondered after all, why to use condoms. Well, to clarify your this query, we are sharing you some benefits of condoms in birth control in this article.

· The first benefit of using condom in birth control is that it helps preventing STDs, HIV and AIDS apart from preventing pregnancy.

· Using condoms is a safe birth control way as compared to other birth control ways.

· Use condoms to prevent premature ejaculation thereby help the man to last longer during sexual intercourse.

· Another advantage of using condom is that it helps prevent STD infection during pregnancy.

· Condom is one of the most popular birth control method that can be used without any doctor’s advice and by men of all ages.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Truth Behind Pregnancy Myths

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With pregnancy a pregnant lady is flooded with a number of suggestions and tips. People come and tell what to do and what not to do in pregnancy. Read on to know about the truth behind some common pregnancy myths.

· Doing Sex Will Hurt Your Baby: This is the most common myth about pregnancy. People think that if they will have sex in pregnancy, it will hurt their baby. Remember, only people with a history of pre-term labor or miscarriage are advised to avoid intercourse during pregnancy. One can indulge in sex in a low risk pregnancy. To rest all doubts, take your doctor’s permission for this.

· Morning Sickness means Baby is lacking Nutrition: Pregnant ladies often believe that their morning sickness means their baby is lacking nutrition. You need not worry if you feel irritated with some smells, sights or foods. This is very common in pregnancy and don’t worry if you don’t gain weight in first few months of pregnancy.

· Minimize the Use of Cell Phones, Computers & Microwaves: National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health has declared that using computers is completely safe during pregnancy. Even microwaves and cell phones are safe to be used during pregnancy. However, to be at a safer side, try to limit the usage of microwaves and cell phones during pregnancy.

· Drinking Coffee during Pregnancy: Many old ladies advise pregnant ladies to avoid drink coffee during pregnancy. Remember that drinking coffee in small amounts doesn’t harm a baby in the womb. However, don’t drink more than three cups a day for a safer pregnancy.

· Flying in Pregnancy: Yes, doctors advise not to fly during pregnancy but remember that flying once a while during pregnancy when your delivery date is six weeks away is completely safe. However, avoid the frequency of flying as then you will receive high doses of radiation in-flight that is not good in pregnancy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Not To Do In Front Of Kids

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Often, parents don’t really care what not to do in front of kids. However, it is very important to keep a check on your activities if you want to make your kids disciplined. You should know what not to do in front of kids and to know about this, you can read this article.

· Fighting or Arguing: Avoid fighting or arguing in front of kids, as this will encourage them to fight with others. Remember, children usually try to mimic their parents, be it fighting.

· Getting Cozy: No matter how much you love each other, but avoid getting too cozy in front of your kids. Try to restrict your romantic acts in your bedroom. Kids are innocent and showing intimacy in front of them might divert their mind in the wrong direction.

· Watching Adult Movies: Don’t ever watch adult movies full of nudity or violence in front of your children. Childhood is an age, where children grasp things very quickly and any wrong scenes can spoil their mind or make them grow up before time.

· Cursing: Make sure to avoid cursing anyone in front of kids or swearing for anything. Kids will take no time in copying you when they will find themselves in trouble in the same way.

· Smoking & Drinking: At all cost, avoid smoking and drinking in front of your small children. These habits make the children think that if their parents are doing so, why can’t they.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Changes in The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

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You have already completed more than half of your pregnant journey, now comes the sixth month. Read to know what all changes you will face in this month and how your baby will grow within you in the sixth month of pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother

· By the beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy, you will start feeling the foetal activity and kicking of the baby more often.

· You may also suffer from leg cramps, mild edema and varicose veins, but worry not, as all these can be treated by pregnancy exercises.

· Due to the enlargement of your abdomen, you may feel itching on your abdomen.

· In the sixth month, your belly button might also pop out but it will be go back after delivery.

· In this month of pregnancy, pregnant ladies also tend to sweat a lot.

· There will be chances of the appearance of stretch marks on breasts, upper thighs, abdomen and on the areas where fats are stored.

· This is the month, when even a child will get to notice that you are pregnant.

· Beware to balance yourself, as your centre of gravity will start changing by this month.

Changes in the Growing Baby

· In the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby can easily open and close eyes and eyelids.

· Moreover, the baby can hear sounds inside you and might also react to certain noises.

· You will get to feel the baby’s coughing and hiccups.

· In this month, baby will indulge in vigorous activities like kicking, punching and moving.

· Baby in the sixth month of pregnancy are red and wrinkled.

· In this month, the baby’s sweat glands are forming.

· The baby in this month will look lean in ultrasounds, as their still no accumulation of fat.

· With this month, the baby will start to have feelings like a human being.