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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Changes in The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Sixth Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s Sixth Month,What happens in Sixth Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in Sixth Month

You have already completed more than half of your pregnant journey, now comes the sixth month. Read to know what all changes you will face in this month and how your baby will grow within you in the sixth month of pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother

· By the beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy, you will start feeling the foetal activity and kicking of the baby more often.

· You may also suffer from leg cramps, mild edema and varicose veins, but worry not, as all these can be treated by pregnancy exercises.

· Due to the enlargement of your abdomen, you may feel itching on your abdomen.

· In the sixth month, your belly button might also pop out but it will be go back after delivery.

· In this month of pregnancy, pregnant ladies also tend to sweat a lot.

· There will be chances of the appearance of stretch marks on breasts, upper thighs, abdomen and on the areas where fats are stored.

· This is the month, when even a child will get to notice that you are pregnant.

· Beware to balance yourself, as your centre of gravity will start changing by this month.

Changes in the Growing Baby

· In the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby can easily open and close eyes and eyelids.

· Moreover, the baby can hear sounds inside you and might also react to certain noises.

· You will get to feel the baby’s coughing and hiccups.

· In this month, baby will indulge in vigorous activities like kicking, punching and moving.

· Baby in the sixth month of pregnancy are red and wrinkled.

· In this month, the baby’s sweat glands are forming.

· The baby in this month will look lean in ultrasounds, as their still no accumulation of fat.

· With this month, the baby will start to have feelings like a human being.

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