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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Changes in The Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Fourth Month of Pregnancy,Pregnancy’s Fourth Month,What happens in Fourth Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in Fourth Month

The first trimester of your pregnancy is over and it’s the beginning of the second trimester. Here comes, the fourth month of your pregnancy. If you are curious enough to know what all you and your growing baby will feel in this month, read on.

Changes in the Mother
· With the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, a woman will start appearing to be pregnant with the bulging abdomen.

· This month, the areola will darken and enlarge. Moreover, the linea nigra will appear, which will fade after the birth of your child.

· By the fourth month, your vomiting and nausea feeling will end.

· Your breasts will continue to enlarge and will be less tender now.

· In the fourth month of pregnancy, you might face occasional headaches and nosebleeds due to body adjustments to increased blood volume.

· By this time, the need to urinate frequently will decrease and you will feel pleasure and excitement of pregnancy.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· In the fourth month of pregnancy, your baby’s eyebrows, hair, eyelashes, fingernails and toenails are forming.

· By this time of your pregnancy, the baby has developed his or her taste buds, vocal cords and he or she can even suck the thumb.

· As you enter the fourth month of your pregnancy, your baby’s all major organs start functioning.

· The baby now has a neck and his or her heartbeat is strong that you can even hear it using a Doppler.

· The baby in the fourth month can smile and frown.

· In this month, the baby has fine downy hair on her face and body.

· Baby’s skin is thin and transparent and the blood vessels can be seen underneath.

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