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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Essential Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy

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The moment you get pregnant, you are bound to get endless number of advices from everyone regarding what to do and what not do during pregnancy. Many of such advices are funny and many are useful. Perhaps, that’s why we thought to present you with a list of pregnancy do’s and don’ts.

Pregnancy Do’s
· First essential do in pregnancy is to take good amount of folic acid and iron, especially in the first trimester.
· Make sure to get your prenatal check-ups regularly.
· Taking enough rest and staying away from stress is also important during pregnancy.
· Another important do during pregnancy is to eat a lot of fiber rich food, green vegetables and fruits.
· Indulge in physical activities like walking.
· Drink a lot of water and try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking different types of healthy fluids.
· Take yogurt, low fat milk and other calcium rich foods.

Pregnancy Don’ts
· The first don’t in pregnancy is to not eat uncooked meals.
· Avoid drinking caffeine beverages like tea, colas and coffees.
· Don’t take any medication without consulting the doctor in pregnancy.
· Pregnant ladies should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
· Another major don’t during pregnancy is to avoid high fats and sugars.
· High temperatures should also be avoided during pregnancy.
· Pregnant ladies must also avoid paints and pesticides.

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