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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is It Safe To Do Sex During Pregnancy

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So, you have the good news to share with everyone? Excited? Well, you have the reason to be and in this excitement if you are thinking whether it is safe to do sex during pregnancy, then read on to solve your queries. Many couples believe that having sex is not safe during pregnancy, but this is not the truth. You just need to keep some important factors in mind and you can enjoy your sexual life even during pregnancy.

· Bleeding: Indulging in sex is alright during pregnancy if the mother to be is not bleeding. The moment, bleeding starts during intercourse, then it should be stopped. After this, you need to consult your doctor to know about the period for which you need to stop having sex during pregnancy.

· Changing the Position: Another tip for having sex during pregnancy is to change the position keeping in mind the comfort level of the woman. Try to indulge in sexual activity in a way that the woman can control the movement and the penetration with ease.

· Lying side by side: Safe sex can be enjoyed during pregnancy by lying side by side with your partner. Though a tricky position, this is the safest way to allow space to the partner for penetration without hurting the mother to be.

· Sexually Transmitted Disease: Every care should be taken in order to avoid the transfer of sexually transmitted disease to the mother. Using a condom is a must during sex when you are pregnant.

· Avoid Water & Air: While you enjoy intercourse with your pregnancy partner, make sure to avoid the contact of water or air inside the vagina for safety of the mother and the child.

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