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Thursday, August 20, 2015

5 Tips to Cure Heartburn during Pregnancy

One of the most common and uncomfortable problems that irritate a pregnant lady during those last months of pregnancy is the problem of heartburn. In fact, remedies suggested by old ladies of the house make the situation worse, as the pregnant lady gets confused whether to follow her gynecologist or follow these home remedies and the problem remains intact and they continue to feel the severe heartburn sensations. So, we present you some useful tips to cure your heartburn during pregnancy.

1. Eat Small Portions: First important step to ease the problem of heartburn during pregnancy is to eat in small portions instead of gorging upon a platter full of food. This will allow your stomach to digest it properly and will ease you off too from problems like acidity. Take 5 to 6 small meals instead of taking 3 big meals and half of your problem will be gone.

2.  Eat Slowly: Secondly, make sure to eat slowly and not in a hurry when you are pregnant, as food eaten in a hurry in normal condition can cause indigestion so a pregnant lady is more viable to get heartburn.

3.    Drink More Liquids: Avoid drinking a glass full of milk before sleeping, instead drink sips of healthy liquids of your choice at regular intervals to remain hydrated. Also, avoid drinking water during meals, else you will surely feel bloated and the feeling of heartburn will irritate you.

4.   Sleep on Left Side: Most importantly, try to sleep on left side, as this will aid in digestion. You might not be knowing that all our liver and intestines are located towards the left side and when you sleep on left side they remain in proper position and you will feel more comfortable. Also, keep your head and chest elevated through pillows.

5.      Be In A Movement: After you have had a meal, make sure to be in movement for at least 4-5 minutes. This will help your stomach to easily digest your meal. If nothing else, just don’t lie down straight after having a meal, just stand or sit for at least half an hour.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Are You Ready To Have A Baby?

Be it the pressure from the society or your own wish, at one stage of life, all couples do consider whether they are ready to have a baby or not. In fact, this is the trickiest question in any couple’s life, and believe us that the answer for this lies in your own hands. Simply don’t listen to anyone on this issue and consider the following things to judge whether you are ready to have a baby or not?

  1. Relationship: The first and foremost thing to consider before planning a baby is your relationship. You must access yourself, whether you are ready to take your love relationship one step ahead by becoming parents of a new born baby. Whether you are married or still living in a live-in relationship, all these things are very important to consider before going ahead.

  1. Career: Another thing worth considering before planning for a baby is your career. If you are a career oriented woman, then you must remember that after having a baby, you will have to spend the initial months round the clock with your baby. If only you can sit on a maternity leave for few months, then plan for it.

  1. Space: The third parameter to consider is the issue of space. In other terms, you must consider, whether you have enough space to accommodate both of you with the new born, who will especially need more hygiene and extra space. You must also think of enough space to accommodate things that will come up with the baby in his or her upbringing.

  1. Goal: Lastly, do consider your ultimate goal or objective before planning a baby. Think on all the pros and cons of having a baby and how it will affect not only your finances, time and also relationships all together and whether you will be able to manage it all after having a baby.

Top Five Foods to Eat in Pregnancy

It is true to say that pregnancy is a roller coaster ride for any woman. Not only in terms of hormones but also in every respect, these 9 months in a woman’s life are the most cherished ones. However, if proper care is not taken during these months, things can take an ugly turn to, so it is very important to know what kinds of foods to eat during pregnancy. Read on to acquaint yourself with Top Five Foods to Eat in Pregnancy.

  1. Fruits: Needless to say you might be knowing it yourself that fruits are very important to be taken during pregnancy for overall nutrition of the baby in the womb and also of the pregnant mother. However, make sure to avoid certain fruits like papaya that are not good for pregnant ladies. You can gorge upon fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, grapes and many more.

  1. Yogurt: It has been observed that many pregnant ladies become lactose allergic during pregnancy and they can’t have milk, so such ladies can gorge upon curd or yogurt to compensate for milk, as it contains calcium and necessary minerals too.

  1. Salad: Go on a lot of green vegetables in the form of salad for those hunger pangs during pregnancy. Not only will it be the handiest option but also the most nutritious option too. However, make sure to wash the veggies before consumption.

  1. Cheese: Pregnant ladies can consume cottage cheese to fulfill their daily need of calcium instead of eating calcium supplements for initial months of pregnancy. You may make it delicious by sprinkling some salad dressing or adding fruits on it.

  1. Raisins: Get a power dose of energy during those tricky and painful 9 months by eating a handful of raisins everyday. You may also soak raisin overnight and eat them in early morning to avoid nausea in pregnancy.