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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ways to Check Pregnancy

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It has been observed that women often experience some pregnancy symptoms and many times they are wrong and some times they are right. Worry not, checking and confirming pregnancy is not that tough, you can easily confirm it by observing some early pregnancy symptoms.

· Missed Period: This is the most common symptom of detecting pregnancy. When a married woman misses her period, chances are that she has conceived. However, sometimes, periods can be missed due to extreme stress and weight fluctuation too.

· Tender Breasts: If women observe their breasts getting tender, then chances are that they are pregnant. Tenderness in breasts is considered as one of early pregnancy symptoms, as this part of the body is very sensitive to hormonal changes.

· Nausea: Another common pregnancy symptom is the feeling of nausea in women. During the early months of pregnancy, women can experience morning sickness, which is also called nausea. If this happens often then that can hint to pregnancy.

· Frequent Urination: Frequent urination is also a common pregnancy symptom found in women. Due to the expansion of the uterus, women get pressure on the bladder resulting in frequent urination, which hints towards pregnancy.

· Change in Taste & Smell: During early pregnancy days, women may also notice a change in taste and smell. Pregnant ladies are often unable to bear some smells and tastes, so if this is happening to you, then you might consider yourself as pregnant.

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

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It is common for mothers to-be to notice various skin changes during pregnancy. These changes may vary on person to person and there is nothing to worry about them. The most common reason for such skin changes during pregnancy is that the skin undergoes many hormonal changes during those nine months. Learn about some useful pregnancy skin care tips.

· Acne: Acne is one of the most common pregnancy problems especially during the first three months. This is because the skin dries out more during pregnancy. One of the best remedies to cure acne during pregnancy is to drink a lot of water and to eat fresh fruits and green vegetables.

· Dry Itchy Abdomen: Another common skin problem faced by pregnant women is the dry itchy abdomen. Since the belly of the pregnant woman grows, it tightens resulting in itching. A good cure for this is to avoid hot showers and dry soaps. Using olive oil and Vitamin-E enriched moisturizers is also good for this problem.

· Spider Veins: Pregnant ladies often also suffer from red or purple sunbursts similar to a shape of a spider web. Increasing the intake of Vitamin C is a good cure for this skin problem during pregnancy.

· Itchy Palms: In the list of skin problems during pregnancy comes the problem of itchy or red palms. This happens due to increased estrogen level in pregnant ladies. To cure this skin problem, pregnant women can do nothing except using good skin creams. This problem fades away on its own after delivery.

· Skin Tags: In some pregnant women, skin tags also appear on the skin areas where there is a direct contact with the clothing, like arms, breasts and neck folds. To cure it, you need to wear loose clothes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tips To Avoid Pregnancy Miscarriage

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Many mothers to be are afraid of the one word, called “miscarriage”. Well, there is nothing to worry, if they know how to avoid pregnancy miscarriage, rest is all in the hands of God. There are many things a pregnant woman should take care of in order to avoid miscarriage, read on to see the list of such tips.

· Backaches: Backaches, even if mild should be taken seriously during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies should consult their doctor in case of any backache or menstrual cramp sort of aches.

· Smoking & Drinking: There should be a complete no to smoking and drinking during pregnancy, as these habits are very dangerous for the unborn baby in the womb.

· Bleeding: Pregnant ladies should immediately contact their doctor in case of any bleeding from the vagina during those 9 months. Some spotting during first initial pregnancy months is normal but bleeding later on can mean miscarriage.

· Medication: Pregnant ladies with chronic diseases like diabetes and thyroid should try to control these diseases with diet instead of taking medicines during pregnancy, else taking medicines during pregnancy can result in miscarriage.

· Rest: Try to take adequate rest during your pregnancy. At least, take eight hours sleep each night and if possible, a short nap in the noon during your pregnancy in order to avoid miscarriage.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Essential Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy

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The moment you get pregnant, you are bound to get endless number of advices from everyone regarding what to do and what not do during pregnancy. Many of such advices are funny and many are useful. Perhaps, that’s why we thought to present you with a list of pregnancy do’s and don’ts.

Pregnancy Do’s
· First essential do in pregnancy is to take good amount of folic acid and iron, especially in the first trimester.
· Make sure to get your prenatal check-ups regularly.
· Taking enough rest and staying away from stress is also important during pregnancy.
· Another important do during pregnancy is to eat a lot of fiber rich food, green vegetables and fruits.
· Indulge in physical activities like walking.
· Drink a lot of water and try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking different types of healthy fluids.
· Take yogurt, low fat milk and other calcium rich foods.

Pregnancy Don’ts
· The first don’t in pregnancy is to not eat uncooked meals.
· Avoid drinking caffeine beverages like tea, colas and coffees.
· Don’t take any medication without consulting the doctor in pregnancy.
· Pregnant ladies should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
· Another major don’t during pregnancy is to avoid high fats and sugars.
· High temperatures should also be avoided during pregnancy.
· Pregnant ladies must also avoid paints and pesticides.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is It Safe To Do Sex During Pregnancy

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So, you have the good news to share with everyone? Excited? Well, you have the reason to be and in this excitement if you are thinking whether it is safe to do sex during pregnancy, then read on to solve your queries. Many couples believe that having sex is not safe during pregnancy, but this is not the truth. You just need to keep some important factors in mind and you can enjoy your sexual life even during pregnancy.

· Bleeding: Indulging in sex is alright during pregnancy if the mother to be is not bleeding. The moment, bleeding starts during intercourse, then it should be stopped. After this, you need to consult your doctor to know about the period for which you need to stop having sex during pregnancy.

· Changing the Position: Another tip for having sex during pregnancy is to change the position keeping in mind the comfort level of the woman. Try to indulge in sexual activity in a way that the woman can control the movement and the penetration with ease.

· Lying side by side: Safe sex can be enjoyed during pregnancy by lying side by side with your partner. Though a tricky position, this is the safest way to allow space to the partner for penetration without hurting the mother to be.

· Sexually Transmitted Disease: Every care should be taken in order to avoid the transfer of sexually transmitted disease to the mother. Using a condom is a must during sex when you are pregnant.

· Avoid Water & Air: While you enjoy intercourse with your pregnancy partner, make sure to avoid the contact of water or air inside the vagina for safety of the mother and the child.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 Tips For Conceiving

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Gone are the days when married couples worried on the issue of fertility, thanks to science for bringing in various technologies. If you too want to extend your family by being three from two quickly, then read on to know about 5 tips for conceiving.

· Pre-Seed: Use pre-seed, the best sperm friendly lubricant that helps providing a natural moisturized environment for the sperms to travel.

· Progesterone Cream: Another tip for conceiving fast is to use progesterone cream that helps increasing the body temperature to make the sperms friendly for implantation of a fertilized egg.

· Fertell: This one is a fertility kit that helps finding the fertility of men and women in their private room. Most of the times, these kits are accurate in detecting the fertility of men and women.

· Reduce Stress: One of the most successful tips for conceiving a baby fast is to reduce the stress level at home. High stress often delays the conceiving procedure in women.

· Sexual Tip: Make your sex life interesting and passionate by trying new sexual positions in order to conceive fast. Whether you believe it or not, passion in the sexual life helps in faster conceiving.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Discovering that you are Pregnant

Congrats for discovering that you are pregnant. Well, the journey for a new birth has just begun and you are excited. However, with this excitement, you are worried on how to take care of all pregnancy related issues.
Worry not, this is the time that every mother to-be wants to cherish and we are here to help you out by giving information on all pregnancy cures.

From pregnancy tests to pregnancy symptoms, from pregnancy precautions to pregnancy calculation, from pregnancy complications to pregnancy risks, we are here to guide you with it all during this beautiful journey of nine months, called pregnancy.

Not just pregnancy, we will guide you with all sorts of baby care tips as well as with post pregnancy care tips. So, stay tuned to know the best information that you may use during this enchanting experience.