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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Changes in The Eighth Month of Pregnancy

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With the starting of the eighth month of pregnancy, your wait for your new born baby is just two month away. This is one of the most crucial months of pregnancy and it is the time when your baby will complete his or her formation. Read on to know about the changes in the eighth month of pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother

· In the eighth month of pregnancy, a pregnant lady might feel short of breath due to extreme pressure on the lower chest.

· Moreover, the weight of the baby adds strain to the pregnant lady’s lower back and stomach.

· During this month of pregnancy, you might also feel uncomfortable while sleeping.

· In the eighth month of pregnancy, you will also feel increasing Braxton Hicks contractions.

· In this phase of your pregnancy, your navel will stretch out and flattened as your size increases.

Changes in the Growing Baby

· In the eighth month of pregnancy, the baby is womb is almost formed and will look the same during birth time.

· Baby’s kicks will be felt even stronger in this month of pregnancy.

· Your baby is also in a condition to distinguish between light and dark.

· This is the time of pregnancy, when your immunities will be transferred to your baby and it will help the baby to fight off infections after birth.

· Due to less space in the womb, during this stage of pregnancy, your baby will turn into a downward position, almost ready for birth.


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