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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Changes in The First Month of Pregnancy

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Whether you believe it or not, God could not be everywhere, so He made mothers. The first month of Pregnancy is like the beginning of a new journey. Read on to know, what changes you as a mother will go and what changes will your growing baby undergo.

Changes in the Mother
· The first change in the pregnancy lady in the first month of pregnancy would be a missed period.

· You may also feel sleepy and fatigued.

· Apart from it, pregnant ladies in their first month might feel the need to urinate frequently.

· Morning sickness, also known as nausea or vomiting are the other symptoms that will be seen in the pregnant ladies in the first month.

· Breasts might begin to enlarge and will be very sensitive to touch.

· Mothers to-be in their first month of pregnancy will also undergo some emotional changes and might feel irritable in a minute and elated in the other minute.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· With your growth as a mother, one of your eggs have fertilized with one of the sperms and created an ovum in the uterus.

· As the first month will end, this ovum will form into an embryo from a single cell.

· Your baby already has a head and a body in the first month of pregnancy.

· The formation of the baby’s brain, eyes, inner ears, mouth, digestive system, arms and legs will start developing.

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