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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Happens Before During and After a Caesarean Section?

It’s true that the vaginal birth is considered the actual way of giving birth to a new life into this world. But, these days due to various reasons and complications women are given a Caesarean Section. Now, what is this C-section all about? If this is coming in your mind, then read on to know what happens before, during and after a Caesarean Operation.

What Happens Before A Caesarean Section?
The first step that is taken before a Caesarean Section is making your body numb so that you don’t feel any pain of the surgery. For this an Anesthesia specialist is called and you are given a dose of anesthesia in your spine on the operation table. Once the anesthesia reaches its proper place in your body, your body gets numb and is ready for being operated. Apart from it, all the tools and equipments to be used in the operation are sterilized and the part of your body area, which is 5 fingers below your navel is cleaned, as this is the area to be cut.

What Happens During A Caesarean Section?
The first step during a Caesarean Section is to start opening your skin layers in your lower abdomen, just above your pubic hair line. Another incision is made in your uterus to get the amniotic fluid out of your uterus. The cut is usually made horizontally so that the bleeding is less and it looks less ugly later on. Only in case, your baby is positioned too low, a vertical cut is made. Then, the baby is taken out carefully and after checking everything is normal and the baby is breathing properly, the amniotic cord is cut by the surgeon. After this your placenta is removed and your lower abdomen is stitched up.

What Happens After A Caesarean Section?

Once, the Caesarean Section is done, you are shown your baby in the operation theater, when you are either semi conscious or fully conscious. The baby is taken to the baby nursery for thorough check up and you are on for recovery that will take at least 40 days or 6 weeks during which you will feel after pains as your uterus will contract and postpartum bleeding. Some women also feel breast engorgement and postpartum fatigue that goes away with the above mentioned time. What is more important is to take proper rest both emotionally and physically and get bonded with the newly born during the recovery time after a Caesarean Section.