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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

7 Tips for Natural Delivery of Baby

Giving birth to a new life that changes your entire life forever is an altogether a mixed bag of feelings for the parents, especially the mother. No matter, how much a pregnant lady tries to go for a natural normal delivery, there are always chances of complications at the last moment. In this article, we intend to solve the most frequently asked question by pregnant ladies and that is how to ensure good chances for a natural delivery.

         1.  Discuss with Doctor: Your first step to ensure a natural delivery without a C- section is to talk to the doctor. Yes, it is very important to let your gynecologist know that you prefer a normal delivery, so that the doctor can help you focus more on that and give some useful tips as well.

        2.  Discuss with Partner: It is equally important to talk freely about your normal delivery plans with your partner and the father of your soon to be born child. After all, why take all the tension alone, when you have a partner in crime right beside you, so involving him is always going to get more options for you.

           3. Focus on Movement: The more you stay in movement, the more chances are there for a normal delivery for you at the last stage of your pregnancy. A majority of experts dealing with child birth have come up with this tip that during labor, a pregnant lady must either move, walk or stand; although it becomes very difficult to move during that labor pain but it always helps.

      4. Don’t Hurry to the Hospital: Pregnant ladies who make hurry to get to the hospital at the last time often get operated instead of normal delivery because the contractions occurring are not natural and they are usually induced on artificial labor pains.  Remember that only natural labor pain have more chances of a normal delivery, else you are most likely in for a C-Section.

         5.  Water Therapy: A common concept followed in many foreign hospitals for child birth is giving birth in a pool filled with water. This is because, water helps reducing the labor pain and makes delivery bit easier for the pregnant lady and relaxing too particularly for the lower back.

              6. Chart Out a Plan: Child birth is also like a mission and if you aim for a normal delivery, then make sure to chart out a proper plan. You must jot down contact numbers and names of people who you think will play a vital role when you are in labor pain and also keep the essential things bag ready when the right time approaches.

S    7. Stay Positive: At the end, always remember that your main aim is to give birth to a normal healthy baby irrespective of the way of delivery and we always can’t get what we want. So, even if trying for a normal delivery, complications crop up, stay positive and go ahead as per the doctor and don’t be adamant.