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Friday, March 12, 2010

Changes in The Third Month of Pregnancy

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The first trimester of your pregnancy is about to over with the beginning of the third month. This is the time, when you and your baby will experience many changes. Read on to know how this period of pregnancy will turn out for you.

Changes in the Mother
· The first change you might feel in the third month is the need to urinate more frequently due to the enlargement in your uterus.

· Another thing that might trouble you is constipation due to slow bowel movements.

· This is the month when the bluish lines under the skin of your breasts will expand.

· In the third month of pregnancy, sweat glands in the areola will be more prominent just like large goose bumps.

· Moreover, the additional veins around the abdomen and legs will be more visible due to the increase in blood supply to these areas.

· There will be a significant increase in your appetite in this month of your pregnancy.

· On the emotional front, you will feel be very sensitive and will get upset very easily.

· This is the month when you will get the best gift of pregnancy- a facial growth.

Changes in the Growing Baby
· Your baby grows with you in your third month of pregnancy. It grows from an embryo to a foetus.

· In this month, the eyelids, fingers, finger buds and toe buds of the baby will be formed.

· The baby also develops his or her teeth and lips.

· The baby begins to develop his or her reproductive organs, umbilical cord and placenta in the third month of pregnancy.

· This is the month, when your baby starts kicking inside the womb but you might not feel it yet.

· In the third month, the baby also opens and closes her mouth to suck and swallow the fluid around.

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