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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

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It is common for mothers to-be to notice various skin changes during pregnancy. These changes may vary on person to person and there is nothing to worry about them. The most common reason for such skin changes during pregnancy is that the skin undergoes many hormonal changes during those nine months. Learn about some useful pregnancy skin care tips.

· Acne: Acne is one of the most common pregnancy problems especially during the first three months. This is because the skin dries out more during pregnancy. One of the best remedies to cure acne during pregnancy is to drink a lot of water and to eat fresh fruits and green vegetables.

· Dry Itchy Abdomen: Another common skin problem faced by pregnant women is the dry itchy abdomen. Since the belly of the pregnant woman grows, it tightens resulting in itching. A good cure for this is to avoid hot showers and dry soaps. Using olive oil and Vitamin-E enriched moisturizers is also good for this problem.

· Spider Veins: Pregnant ladies often also suffer from red or purple sunbursts similar to a shape of a spider web. Increasing the intake of Vitamin C is a good cure for this skin problem during pregnancy.

· Itchy Palms: In the list of skin problems during pregnancy comes the problem of itchy or red palms. This happens due to increased estrogen level in pregnant ladies. To cure this skin problem, pregnant women can do nothing except using good skin creams. This problem fades away on its own after delivery.

· Skin Tags: In some pregnant women, skin tags also appear on the skin areas where there is a direct contact with the clothing, like arms, breasts and neck folds. To cure it, you need to wear loose clothes.

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