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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Changes in The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

Changes in The Seventh Month of Pregnancy,What happens in Seventh Month Pregnancy,Precautions for Pregnant Ladies in 7th Month

With the seventh month of pregnancy, begins the last trimester of your pregnancy. Like always, in this month too you will be curious to know what all changes does you and your baby undergoes. Read on to know how the seventh month of pregnancy changes you and your baby in growth.

Changes in the Mother

· In the seventh month of pregnancy, you might feel uncomfortable during bowel movements.

· In this phase of your pregnancy, you will also notice that the veins of your breasts will be more noticeable.

· There will be a good weight gain during this month of pregnancy, especially on your thighs, stomach and buttocks.

· Seventh month of pregnancy will make you bit clumsy and absent minded.

· This is the month when your stretch marks will be even more prominent.

· On the emotional front, a pregnant lady in the seventh month of pregnancy feels more anxious and apprehensive.

Changes in the Growing Baby

· In the seventh month of pregnancy, your baby in the womb will make more movements and have an increased body weight.

· This is the month, when your baby will develop taste buds on the tongue.

· This is not all, in the seventh month of pregnancy; your baby will fully develop his or her eyes, cheeks, nostrils and can perceive light and smell.

· In the seventh month of pregnancy, baby develops tiny air sacs in the lungs and starts primitive breathing movements.

· During this month of pregnancy, you will also be able to see the actual shape of the baby’s foot and bottom in the ultrasound.

Is It Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?

Exercises During Pregnancy, Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy,Pregnancy Exercising Tips,How to do Exercises During Pregnancy

Doctors these days suggest exercising to pregnant women for a healthy and safe delivery. Once, you get the green signal from your doctor, you can start exercises during pregnancy on a regular basis. Check out some exercising tips during pregnancy in this article.

· First of all, do check with your doctor whether you can start doing exercises during pregnancy or not.

· The best exercises during pregnancy are the ones in which you don’t have to bear a lot of weight.

· Pregnant ladies can easily indulge in swimming and stationary cycling exercises during pregnancy.

· Regular walking and low impact aerobics are also good in pregnancy and increases chances of normal delivery.

· Try to avoid doing those exercises that might make you fall or breathless in pregnancy.

· Stop the exercise, the moment you start feeling uncomfortable in pregnancy.