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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ways to Check Pregnancy

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It has been observed that women often experience some pregnancy symptoms and many times they are wrong and some times they are right. Worry not, checking and confirming pregnancy is not that tough, you can easily confirm it by observing some early pregnancy symptoms.

· Missed Period: This is the most common symptom of detecting pregnancy. When a married woman misses her period, chances are that she has conceived. However, sometimes, periods can be missed due to extreme stress and weight fluctuation too.

· Tender Breasts: If women observe their breasts getting tender, then chances are that they are pregnant. Tenderness in breasts is considered as one of early pregnancy symptoms, as this part of the body is very sensitive to hormonal changes.

· Nausea: Another common pregnancy symptom is the feeling of nausea in women. During the early months of pregnancy, women can experience morning sickness, which is also called nausea. If this happens often then that can hint to pregnancy.

· Frequent Urination: Frequent urination is also a common pregnancy symptom found in women. Due to the expansion of the uterus, women get pressure on the bladder resulting in frequent urination, which hints towards pregnancy.

· Change in Taste & Smell: During early pregnancy days, women may also notice a change in taste and smell. Pregnant ladies are often unable to bear some smells and tastes, so if this is happening to you, then you might consider yourself as pregnant.

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